Monday, December 29, 2008

Holy guacamole...

Okay, so we all know how challenging it can be to impress children with food. We try to be creative to get them to eat. Cheese sticks become cheese chippies; a few slices of cucumber, a carrot and a tomato wedge can somewhat resemble a human face; a slice of watermelon and orange can be toothpicked together as a sailing boat. We think we're pretty clever when we pull out these kind of kitchen moves but then along comes a bento freak and our comparison with Nigella Lawson fades and we feel like we need to go to parenting class with Britney Spears. Bento is Japanese for lunchbox and Japanese mums are knocking out school lunches that would put even Donna Hay's kids to shame. They transform food into animals and cartoon characters and create scenes so amazing it's hard to believe it really is food. Word of warning: you may not want to show your children the following images, for once they discover food can look like this your mash potato volcano just aint going to cut it ever again.

Yes, that is FOOD people! There's carrot, broccoli, eggs, rice and so much more in this one meal. And if you're looking for ways to avoid licensed merchandise maybe you can appease your child with food based on their favourite character rather than a top to toe Diego outfit. Just knock this up, send them to school and they'll surely be the talk of the playground:

I know! SHUT-UP! This is all the work of a talented Japanese artist living in New York. You can check out more of her amazing bento work (and get instructions on how to create your own masterpieces) here.


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