Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still searching for something special for a little one?

Um, it's Christmas next week (gulp)! As the day creeps closer I find the shops go into plastic-craptastic overload. I'm sure they work on the notion that sleep-deprived parents panic this time of year and just buy whatever (sometimes literally) jumps out at them from the shelves. Go plastic-free and ignite little imaginations with these adorable hand-made gifts:

Design your very own fairy door for your little believer at monkeytail&wellington. The cuteness is killing me! The doors are a very reasonable $45 and measure 25cm high and 15cm wide and come with a miniature key and little bottle of fairy dust (oh stop it!).

And because once you invite a fairy and her friends into your house you will need somewhere for them to play hide-and-seek and conduct tea parties. These gum tree blocks from bentsticks should do the trick! So much more imaginative than standard blocks. I can already hear my kids asking for some string and a leaf to make a fairy swing. The blocks come in 21-piece sets for $49.95.


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