Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Taking off on a love-powered rocket

Some days you just don't gel with your kids. Today was one of those days for my son and I. We butt heads over a few things. He gets frustrated. I get sad. We both feel heavy-hearted and grouchy. I question my ability as a parent (he probably questions it too). Then a little picture-note appears in my note book and my space-obsessed son says these words to me: "You know how I love space more than anything, well, there's one thing I love more — my family." And with that the world is right again.
Our last visitor leaves tomorrow and we're heading to the big smoke for a few days and I'm not taking the laptop (gulp). I'll be back next week with an aquarium review, a book club and a chat about washing (it's a non-stop party here isn't it?).


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