Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't forget the milk...

It may not be the most exciting of jobs but someone's gotta do it and more than likely the person who takes care of getting the fridge and pantry stocked in your home is YOU.
How often do you shop? Weekly? Fortnightly? Daily?
And what's your approach? Do you plan your meals or do you make from what's in the fridge?
The method I've gone with for the last few years is to plan a menu and do a fortnightly supermarket and meat shop and weekly fruit, veg and other fresh produce shop.
But I've recently decided to revise my shopping approach and shake it up. Yeah that's right, I live it on the edge.
When we moved to the country I thought I was restricted to two supermarkets and one rather over-priced (but to be fair good quality) fruit/veg/deli. Then I discovered our local farmers' markets brimming with gorgeous seasonal produce and my grocery shopping life changed (like I said — on. the. edge.)
It has really made me look at the way I structure meals, pay attention to produce provenance and cook with what's in season.
And so, because there's a shift in season coming I'm working on a menu plan that will see us through Autumn. I'm aiming for 25 main meal recipes (I promise to share) to use throughout the season and want to get the supermarket shop for staples down to once a month.
For lists of seasonal produce try here and here and check out and talk to local growers to get to know what is fresh and best in your area.
Whilst I consult my recipe books and get a kickin' Autumn menu plan in place here's a little gift for you — my grocery master lists for those who don't have one. I've listed EVERYTHING I use throughout the year so that I didn't have to keep writing new lists as I changed my menu (just click the links below and you can download the files). I like to keep them tacked up in my pantry so I can fill it in as things run out. Enjoy.
Grocery list
Fresh produce list
And if you have any Autumn recipes to share bring 'em on.


Georgie said...

What a comprehensive list! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

i have been meaning to make a big list like this for ages so a big thanks for saving me some time

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