Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Last Christmas our daughter was given not one, but TWO of these. What are the chances? When she opened the first one I thought what you may be thinking right now. What on Earth is that? It is in fact a My Little Pony Decorating Pony. But of course. See those two little tubes? You fill them with water, pop them in the freezer, and then you "colour" your pony with the "ice pens".
When our daughter tore the paper from the second one I thought her three-year-old lack of tact would have it being returned to the store for something else but nooooo, she squealed with delight, "Twins!" My squeal would have gone something like, "Why? Why do you people do this to me? Don't you listen when I drop all my hints about lovely handmade toys?" A tad ungrateful, I know.
Even more ungrateful is the fact that I comforted myself with the thought of dropping them in a charity bin after a few weeks. My husband has often accused me of being a control freak with my kids. And I don't deny it. But I have always maintained I would respect when they made a passionate choice about something. Gulp. Like that was never going to come back to bite me.
And so the ponies never did make it to the charity bin. They are amongst our daughter's most played with toys. She has been known to sit by the freezer waiting for her "ice pens" to get cold. She will go to town on those ponies for a good solid hour or more. Yes they are hideous to me but they are beautiful to her. She honestly loves them.
Are there toys you loathe but your kids go crazy over?


Anonymous said...

My girls are obsessed with those ugly Bratz dolls

Anonymous said...

Once my son started school he got into all the comercial stuff like spiderman, ben10 and other crap

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