Thursday, March 19, 2009

Super Mum :: Jenny & Yolanda from Yunginz

Welcome to a new series on {mum space} where we'll be getting to know some fabulously talented mums.
First clever caped crusaders off the blocks are the girls from Yunginz kids shoes. Jenny and Yolanda launched their shoe range for little feet last year after Jenny's search for footwear for her own daughter left her empty-handed but full of ideas for kid-friendly, stylish shoes.
This is your second year in business, how's it all going?
Really well, it’s extremely hard work but from the feedback we've received retailers and consumers are very much welcoming something different in the kids footwear market. It is very satisfying to see something you have designed from scratch actually end up on a little foot!
Your shoes aren't just about looking good, you seem to have done your homework to achieve a great fit for little feet. Did you consult any professionals before you started designing?
In the initial stages of our business we sat down with a local podiatrist to ascertain what to incorporate in our designs
from a technical perspective.
How important do you think fit is for growing feet?
Very important. As parents one of the things we feel necessary for kids is strapping across the top of the foot for a more open style of shoe. It makes the shoe more secure on the foot and prevents "toe grabbing" — where kids dig their toes in to hold the shoe on — when they walk. It's definitely worth having your child's first pair of shoes after pre-walkers professionally fitted.
How often would you recommend having a professional fitting?
It's an individual thing for parents but with fast-growing kids' feet every 3-6 months can be helpful. Caring for feet is very important so kids don't develop any problems over the years. If a child has a foot problem we definitely recommend that shoes are fitted professionally every time.
What are the main things to look for when shopping around for shoes for little peeps?
Flexibility with the outer sole (preferably the outer sole should bend at the ball of the foot). Look out for good arch and ankle support. We feel softness for the feet is really important, which is why all our shoes have cushioned inner soles. We'd advise parents to pay close attention to fit and comfort for shoes for everyday wear, then you can be more flexible with styles that are only worn for a couple of hours at a time (such as at parties, weddings and other special occasions).
Where do you get inspiration for your designs?
Everywhere! Our designs are influenced mostly by the relaxed Australian lifestyle, the outdoors and the way kids play.
What sizes do your shoes come in?
We design for 1-6 year olds, with sizes ranging from 6-13, 1-3.
What are your favourite picks from your winter range?
For the girls I love the red pocket boots.
And for the boys the black tartan trim shoe.
I adore the lace ballet flat for little girls.
And I also love the boys tartan trim but in the brown.
I am loving the crochet influence on their brown butterfly boots. Check here for stockists and more styles.


Carmel said...

I love those brown boots!

Tanya W said...

Very Talented ladies!You both should be very proud of what you have accomplished!!

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