Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mother's Day gift guide

It's time to get shopping for your very own mum... or start dropping hints for what you might like...

For the new mummy:
Move over Chloe, the Il Tutto is fast becoming the "it" bag amongst modern mamas. Cate Blanchett has one — say no more. Made from luxurious Italian nappa leather, all the practical functions are there (waterproof change mat, insulated bottle holder, removable washable lining) along with the fashion statement. Better still, once your babe no longer requires a house to be packed into a bag for an outing you can remove all the "baby" paraphernalia and reclaim it as your own handbag.

My love of tea is on par with a wine critic's love of a good drop. I can sniff out a worthy brew a mile off and the cheap stuff, well, it'll get ya by when you're desperate but you wake up the next day vowing not to sip from anywhere but the top shelf again. I discovered World Par-Tea at my local market and am making my way through their many flavours (Jasmine Dragon Pearl, Organic Chamomile and Kashmiri Chai are household favourites so far). Their cute lil Ruby's Shoedays Box is a perfect gift; booties for the new babe and a relaxing fruit tea for mum.

Putting together a record of baby's life is made simple and so perfect by mum and artist Kasia Jacquot from Laikonik. Her gorgeous once-a-year books are designed for you to put one picture of your precious little one in each year from birth to 18 and pen the highlights and milestones opposite. Then they can try and prise it from your hands once they reach adulthood.

For the home-y mama:

tika is the new line from Skipping Girl creator and designer Hayley Allen. She's working with Peruvian women to bring us some fun handmade home and fashion pieces. In giving to your mum you can also give to some mums and their families in Peru.

Dandi has lots of gift ideas for mums. If your hubby is looking for inspiration just email him their link. Their new bamboo range would look at home in any kitchen. You can chop on their cutting board and be off with the birds at the same time.

Cookbooks are always high on my wishlist. One of my favourite cooks is Bill Granger. He does family recipes so well. I've pretty much exhausted my copy of Every Day but thankfully Bill has come through with feed me now! It even has the perfect recipe to make for your mum — a chicken and egg dish called Okayodon (it means mother and child).

For the jet-setting mum:

The mere mention of international travel has me twitching like crazy at the moment but an inter-state trip to Melbourne, now that would be Mother's Day heaven (can I get an empty credit card with no limit on the side please?). The Sebel Albert Park has a family special on at the moment, $139 a night for two adults and two kids.

For the spiritual mum:
Because every mum could use a guardian angel, right? I'm loving Cristiana's handmade Saintly Charming range which uses french glass beads and oxidized metals.

For the green-thumb mum:

If your mum digs tending to her garden you should fork out and get her some of these gorgeous accessories from Annabel Trends' Sprout range. Her veggies will be so impressed with her hot new look they will shoot up like Jack's beanstalk.

For the eco-mama:

A free Mother's Day gift that doesn't make you look like you're tight or you forgot. Plant a tree with your mum and your little ones to celebrate our nurturing spirits and give a little back to Mother Earth. Just think, one day you'll be able to watch your kids' kids climb it.

For the bookworm mummy:

The Gucci Mamas authors are back with another very funny mummy-lit book, Versace Sisters, the story of two sisters, one trying to maintain a picture-perfect family, the other wading through a broken marraige and a huge pile of working-mother guilt. Join the authors' online bookgroup here and help raise money for Muscular Dystrophy research and care.

For the bling mama:
Sheesh. Gorgeous face, perfect bod, doting hubby and cute-as kids. Heidi Klum you suck. But your jewellery range... now that's rather nice. The simplicity of the clover sterling silver bracelet sets (one hammered, one polished) is right on.


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