Monday, June 15, 2009

Show me the money

Have I created a monster with this pocket money thing?
Or is it that money really is the root of all evil?

Last week we had a money moral dilemma with our son. 
When I unpacked his lunch box one afternoon I found two twenty cent pieces in it. I hadn't given him any money so I asked where it came from and he mumbled something about just finding them on ground. My mama-intuition told me there was more to this story so I probed a little further (you know water torture actually works — kidding).
Turns out he found a dollar coin on the ground and spent 60 cents of it at the canteen on yoghurt straws for him and a friend...
We had a BIG talk about handing in any found money to a teacher and not keeping or spending what is not ours. He totally got how sad the kid who lost his/her money would have been (as sad as when he lost his favourite handball).
And I'm still not sure if this is too hardcore but I made him take a dollar out of his pocket money and give it to his teacher the next day.

Yesterday I heard him telling his little sister that even though he was a bit sad to "give away" some of his pocket money he felt better because whoever lost their money would be happy again now.
I dared let out a sigh of relief only to nearly choke when I heard him follow with this bomb: "It's just that I love money so much and I want to get so much of it and I love, love, love it".
What do you say to that?
I am now seriously considering turning to water torture to find out the leader of the Capitalist Wall Street cult he has obviously been rolling with!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry too much. I think it's natural for kids to be attracted to money. After all it's shiny and buys you toys. I'm sure by learning these lessons early your son will have a good grip on handling money when he gets older.
Carol xo

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