Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tried & Tested : If the shoe fits...

Earlier this year I took our daughter for a podiatry appointment. She was wearing my her favourite pair of Converse. Yellow high tops with a daisy print on the toe.
So the podiatrist asks me what type of running shoe she wears.
Ummm, she's three and a half at the time, not exactly running marathons so I tell him her "play shoes" are Converse and sandals.
Then he asks me what kind of sandals she wears and I have to admit that I've succumb to the Mary Jane Crocs. He says he doesn't "hate" Converse but they shouldn't be worn all the time. Crocs make him cross though.
So the appointment ends with him telling me her feet are developing just fine but she really should be in a good quality running shoe at her age.
This sits with me for a while in the "I just can't face ugly joggers" file. I don't even like my own running shoes. I was guilted in to them after the shoe fitter told me my high arches wouldn't be supported in any other shoe than the one with the fluoro orange stripes up the side. Yeah thanks.
Then I received a sign from the "keeping DoCS away from my front door Gods" in the form of a package from Saucony. As I pulled the little pink and grey numbers (above) from their packaging I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. They looked alright.
Our daughter was most excited. They had pink on them! She slipped straight into those little numbers and they have been a very consistent fixture on her tootsies ever since.
She finds them easy as pie to put on and take off herself (gotta say this is a big plus for me too) and really comfortable, she's calling them her "pillow shoes".
The fit is really spot on but the thing I like best about them is their Jedi mind trick powers. Previously a walk to even the mailbox has been taxing on the stamina of our little girl. But now that she has her "pillow shoes" she's up and down the driveway like a cheetah. And the school run to drop off her big bro has become exactly that. Whereas I used to make the two block trek fending off cries of "carry me" now it's all "you can't catch me Mama!".
And because I have the Mama-version she's got us both on a fitness kick. She's teaching me to jog. Showing me how you have to tuck your elbows in and lift your knees high. No idea where she got those tips...

I am trés impressed with the grown-up Saucony shoe. I have never tried this brand before and you know what, they are honestly the most comfortable running shoe I've ever worn. Our daughter is right, there's definitely a "pillow" effect going on. Yet they are surprisingly light for such a cushioned ride. I've always received a welcome blister from new running shoes and thought it was par for the course but I didn't get even a hint of one with these. And of course I much prefer the pink and grey to my fluoro orange numbers (to the Vinnies bin with you losers).
I'm impressed with the price too. I've paid upward of $200 for a much lesser shoe. The women's Progrid Jazz retails for around $150 and the children's Baby Triumph is $50. For stockists call 03 8878 3000.


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