Monday, August 31, 2009

Da real kids' club

I've yet to meet a non-dancing kidlet. I'm convinced they do not exist. Ours are beasts for the groove. A typical Saturday night at the Sharpham residence often involves some serious rug cutting.
If you are a Sydney mum and your littles like to move it, move it, you may want to check out baby loves disco
I guess it was really only a matter of time before someone started a nightclub for little-o's and Tash and Alex are bringing it once a month to Slide Bar in Darlinghurst (minus the dodgy middle of the night Kings Cross antics though). Finally, a club where lollipop sucking is appropriate. A ticket will get your dancing machine three hours of non-stop fun, including dancing, games, prizes and of course chillout areas for when it all gets a bit much. And it's a hot ticket too. The September event has already sold out, so get in and get your October Halloween tickets early.
Actually, it's probably lucky we left the city before this idea came to fruition. I would totally not to be able to stop myself from getting amongst it. You know I would so be forming a dance circle lickity split. I know it. And our littles definitely know it.


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