Sunday, December 28, 2008

Join in the ladybug fun

Get into some ladybug fun this holidays and join the Catalyst ladybird (we like to say ladybug around here) survey. Watch the story with your kids here. Who knew there were over 500 species of ladybug in Australia? But only 268 of them have been identified. So, Catalyst wants us to join in and help identify Australia's ladybugs — and keep an eye out for some baddies. The idea is to get out in your garden, photograph ladybugs and upload them to the ladybug map. We've found our first one (a harmonia conformis) and are eagerly awaiting it to be added to the map. Look out for ours in Eglinton, NSW. The little people are keeping their eyes peeled for more...


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! My children love ladybugs too. A good friend gave my eldest a ladybug doll when she was born and the addiction has stuck!!! Thank you for starting it ;-)

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