Friday, January 23, 2009

Celebrating the country we live in

Just as you ease back into the swing of the year along comes the Australia Day long weekend to get you right back in that holiday spirit. Ahhhh. Summer in Australia. I love it. I'm glad the First Fleet rocked up in January so that we can celebrate our sunburnt country when the heat is high and the flies are aplenty. Even if you are in a city a hot summer day really sets the scene for a rugged outback country being settled, doesn't it?

What are your plans for celebrating the day this great country was founded?

We will be heading to our local hall to check out the celebrations and then home to host some friends for an Aussie BBQ (but of course) which will definitely involve some Saltbush Lamb. We'll be doing our best to keep it all-Aussie all day. Which won't be too tough...

There will be watermelon eating

A dip in a local swimming hole will no doubt be in order too

And we'll just have to have a go at making Lamingtons (I can't believe we've never attempted them before).

Happy Australia Day inhabitants of the luckiest country of them all!


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