Monday, January 19, 2009

The pitter patter of little green feet

One of the many things having children makes you think about is our impact on the planet. Each new life comes into this world a clean eco-slate. As parents we can aim to keep their carbon footprint as tiny as they are by choosing products that are kind to the environment and our family.
It's not always easy making the "right" choice though. Environmentally-friendly products can come in well above the price of their ungreen mass-produced, non-renewable and potentially toxic alternatives. But if we all commit to green it will be more affordable and accessible as it once again becomes
a normal way of life (there was a time when everything was organic because there was no other way).
Dunlop are one of the big guys getting on board the eco-chic train with their new range of "green" Volleys made from organic cotton and recycled rubber. And there's no crazy price tag, a pair will set you back $15. Yay! Big W have the infant range (sizes 1-6) in store now.


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