Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wash day blues

Folding. Done. Phew, that's a a few loads off my mind. These piles on my bed remind me it's time get back to my household routines. They also make me wonder if anyone in this house has any clothing left in their cupboard.
Having a break from "the schedule" is great but it does mean the chores can pile up a bit. That's why I need to work to a plan when it comes to keeping the house in order. I find the more organised I am around the house the more it frees me up to spend quality time with my family and get to my want-to-do list. Oh and maybe I'm a bit less cranky too...
One of the most bittersweet jobs for me is the washing. It's soooo drawn out. First you have to sort, then wash, then hang out, then fold, then put it all away. I'm tired thinking about it. And I've heard some people even iron clothes! (The only things that get ironed in this house are my husband's business shirts — by my husband.) But then there's that freshly laundered smell of clothes on little bodies and the unbeatable feeling of fresh sheets. So really for all my grumbling, the results are worth it. Here's how I approach the laundry:
1. Scheduled wash days. I do two clothing days and one linen day per week. I like to get the loads done early so they are ready to hang out by the time people need to get out the door for school/sport/activities.
2. Hanging it. This is where I get specific with my routine. There's four people in our family and four sections to our hills hoist. Perfect — one section per person. And if I'm feeling extra-perky I group-hang items (eg. t-shirts together, shorts together, etc...).
3. Folding it. Summer is great for my washing routine as I can take the clothes off and fold as the kids have a last play of the day in the backyard as the sun is sinking. I use one basket per person and fold everything as I get it off.
4. Putting it away. Each person's basket goes to their room and the kids' can be put away while they are (avoiding) going to bed. Mine and my husband's
should get put away before we go to bed.
Tip: to avoid ironing hang dresses and shirts on their hangers on the line to dry and once done transfer straight to the cupboard.
What's your wash day routine?


Lovingmums said...

Thanks for this. I have a similar "washing" routine but I liked the bit about hanging shirts and dresses on their hangers. I'll try that- anything to make life a bit easier. Some days, I feel buried in our washing. And even when you get on top of it all, there's always more there the next day!!!!

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