Wednesday, January 14, 2009

School's (almost) in

The end of the big summer break is getting near. Where did that time go? I can't believe it will soon be time to send a little one in our house off to his first year of BIG school! A certain person is very excited and a certain mummy is getting rather nervous. Couldn't he spend just one more year at home? No thanks Mum. What about home schooling? Nuh-uh, I want to be with other kids and have a real teacher. Whilst he looks forward to learning how he can be the first kid in space at least I can find comfort searching for school products. I also have a little girl going to a new preschool one day a week so that makes for double-the-fun boy and girl accessory searching. Yay! Here's some cute things I've discovered online so far:
Spring fling yummy lunch tote by The Piggy Story from Monkeytail and Wellington. Oh my, the cuteness is killing me. And it's totally functional with insulation, waterproofing and genius — a separate pocket for an ice brick (so the containers don't get all wet and slippery).
Chill containers by Fit & Fresh from Haggus and Stookles. The two-cup containers are the perfect size for all that brain and body fuel they will need. The mum-loving part is the ice brick that fits under the lid to keep everything crisp and fresh. Hello crunchy lettuce.

Active drink bottle by Sigg from The Infant Boutique. As much as I have adored the Dragons and Knights Sigg bottle that my son has been using for over. three. years. it's time for the boy to choose his own and he's obviously past the patterns; just plain blue thanks. As long as it's a Sigg I don't mind. They may be pricey but think about the amount of plastic bottles you buy throughout the year, the mould that appears in them, the leaking and the cancer risks. It all sold me.
Rocket backpack and insulated lunchbox by Rush from The Kids Store. Just because he likes his drink bottle plain doesn't mean he's ready to do away with a motif all-together. Keep everything (including their image) cool in a compact lunch bag and matching backpack.
Pencil roll by Bellflower Textiles from Etsy. I can't think of a more gorgeous place to put those favourite colours than this handmade number.
Dinosaur art smock by Complements By Susan from Etsy. I have been finding it a tad difficult to find a decent art smock for the above-five set. All the cute ones are for preschoolers but I think this made-to-order number will do the trick.
Cuisenaire rods by Fun Factory from IQ Toys. Back to school also means back to (or welcome to) homework for mums. Make math a breeze with the wooden counting blocks we used as kids (I think I remember how it all works).
Bird bag by Mini Rhubarb from Kinder Kaboodle. This "library" bag would make a great "spare clothes" bag for a preschooler. You can even have their name embroidered on it for a bit extra.
Personalised bag tag by The Bag Tag Studio from Kinder Kaboodle. When the mad rush is on to collect the bags 20 five year olds need a ready-reckoner that will make identifying their belongings a cinch.
Scrap book by Sukie from Cradle Rock. The start of a new school year means a new project book to fill with achievements, photographs and artwork so you can have a year-at-a-flick memory that will last forever. This one is cuter-than-cute, plenty large enough and made from recycled paper.

All that's really left to do now is wash and iron the uniforms (lucky there's still a few weeks of holidays left for me to work my way up to that one).
As a newbie to the school-scene I am sure some things I purchase will serve no purpose. Tips from mums who have children at school already are welcomed and greatly appreciated. What's an absolute must-have for school? And what should we not waste our hard-earned dosh on?
My pick for the what NOT to buy has to be the banana bunker I saw on ohdeehoh last year. Not because it's not practical — no one likes a squished narny — but, come on, let's be honest, no one likes their kid to come home with the crap kicked out of them by the seniors either. Please tell me it's not just me who thinks this is the most obscene looking food container. ever.


Anonymous said...

I have a tip for school lunches, use zip-lock bags for sandwiches and other snacks. You can write their names on them, maybe even a picture and you can wash them and re-use them. This is my little bit for the environment and also my little ones fingers (no more smushed out sandwiches from clingwrap!).

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