Monday, January 5, 2009

Time to take the tree down

Most years my tree and decorations are down by New Year but this year I have been happy to let them linger as we slouch around in holiday mode: sleeping late, eating, reading and playing games with all the bounty Santa dropped off. I'm starting to think I could live with a Christmas-themed house all year, really. I only gave it serious thought after a few people told me if I didn't take my tree down soon it would be bad luck. Can't have that, can I? So a bit of web searching has confirmed that Wednesday is THE day we must pack it all away for another year. You see it's the Epiphany tomorrow (hope I have one, or a few) for Catholics. This is the day the three wise men arrived to meet Jesus and bestow a bit of gold, frankincense and myrrh on the youngster. The story goes that you should leave all your decorations up until the day after Epiphany or else the wise men will not be able to find your house. And we could all use a little visit from some wise men, couldn't we? It's not to late to get your decorations and lights back out for all those who jumped the gun on this one. See, it pays to be a bit slow sometimes.


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