Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sussan slippers and giving birth (this goes with that...)

These spotty slippers I snapped up on sale from Sussan for a mere $5 are sure to be in my top 10 bargain finds of the year and 2009 is only a few days in. So cute, super-comfy and perfect for the cooler summer evenings we have been having. Is it just me or once you become a mum does your radar for the nearest Sussan store suddenly switch on? I didn't even know Sussan was still in existence until I became a mother. I have a theory on this one: while you are giving birth a Sussan staff member sneaks in and implants a little GPS in your brain so that the first time you leave the house post-baby you head straight for their nearest store. Hell, it's not as if you would notice, you are kind of preoccupied with pushing a baby out. My husband's grandparents were accidentally let in the room while I was on all fours birthing my son and I was totally unaware. On the up side, at least I have a lasting memory of my first-born crowning — because every time I see my hubby's 90-year-old grandmother there it is, the image of me starkers burnt onto her retinas, gleaming back at me. Anyways, the point is, Sussan is actually a nice store with some very pretty clothes and gorgeous pjs (they even stock little girl pjs from size 2 that are super-cute).


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you liked that shop. I am a secret Sussan lover too. I just got the lovely paisley nightdress. Oh well, our secret is out now.

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