Monday, February 9, 2009

Justify my love

When the economy is one half-flush away from slipping down the S-bend it's very wise to tighten the old purse strings and cut back on discretionary spending. Having worked in magazines for a number of years myself I can tell you the printed rag is usually one of the first items to be left to wilt on the shelves. Knowing full well that I should be putting all of our spare cash into the mortgage at the moment to take advantage of the rate cuts I still find it incredibly difficult to turn away from a newsstand empty-handed.
This morning I popped into my newsagent to find the squishy-cheeked baby on the Autumn/Winter Shop 4 Kids blinking back at me. How could I leave that little cherub on the shelf? And you know what, walking away I thought to myself, this magazine is actually a necessary purchase in cash-crippled times. For starters it's biannual so that's a yearly spend of just $15.90. Also, if I am going to be wise with the wallet this year I need to start planning my kids' cool-weather wardrobes now so as not to be forced into any impulse purchases that may go unworn. And lastly, when the pinch is on what better way to save than to have a catalogue-style glossy full of the best products around. Get out that red marker and circle away. That way you can edit your choices to suit your budget before you open your purse. So really my purchase of Shop 4 Kids is an investment in frugal living. Right? Right!


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