Sunday, February 1, 2009

On the box...

Do you watch TV? I am in awe of people who can completely go without. Every year I vow to watch less telly and end up getting sucked in to shows that my brain really could do without. Well, this year I have a plan. Firstly we did away with Foxtel when we moved into our new house and I've found that has already cut mindless TV watching A LOT. We've really only been tuning in to the cricket and tennis here and there (oh there was Brideshead Revisited which I could not get enough of). I've used the non-ratings period to ween (goodbye Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal) and I'm picking my shows from the get-go this year and putting them into my household schedule so as not to let any stray programs sneak in. So here's my line-up:
Underbelly. Channel 9. Mondays, 8.30pm (It's not usually my genre but I really got into the first series so I'm backing up for more).
So You Think You Can Dance. Channel 10. Mondays, Wednesdays, Sundays, 7.30pm. I LOVE this show (the US version even more). I'll drop back to one ep. a week though when I work out which one is all the dance routines (I can find out who got cut online).
House. Channel 10. Wednesdays, 9pm. This is the only medical drama I have ever been addicted to but I promise you Channel 10, any stuffing around with the programming (antics like one week a new ep., the next a repeat) and I am going to DVD with this one.
Gardening Australia. ABC. Saturdays, 6.30pm. This is guilt-free educational TV for me as gardening is one of my key learning areas for 2009 (we inherited 26 rose plants, a peach tree, two apricot trees, a plum tree and an apple tree at our new house).
First Tuesday Book Club. ABC. First Tuesday of the month, 10pm.
Occasional viewing of the following is permitted:
Compass. ABC. Sundays, 10pm.
Q&A. ABC. Thursdays, 9.30pm.
I will be seeking out Mad Men on DVD though as I keep hearing such rave reviews.
What will you be watching this year?


Anonymous said...

Mad Men is coming to SBS in April I think. You should definitely watch it, it's awesome.

Anonymous said...

There's also a great show on Thursday nights called Carla Carmetti SBS 8.30pm

Anonymous said...

That is an excellent idea to limit yourself, I find that when the ratings start again, I am just addicted!! I am a huge ABC fan so The Bill, Collectors, Grand Designs and cooking shows. My children love The Cook and the Chef which is their weekly treat to stay up and watch! Oh and then there is Grey's Anatomy......

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