Monday, March 30, 2009

Book review :: The Lorax

Here's a fantastic kids' book I have always wished would get some cinematic treatment. And now is the perfect time, no? Studios and actors would surely be prepared to give such a pertinent message screen time?
Maybe if I jotted down the scenes I make up in the shower and submitted them to Pixar my dream could be realised. Or not. So until I become besties with celeb eco-crusader Leonardo DiCaprio and convince him to voice the title role I am stoked with the re-release of this Dr Seuss slice of Genius Pie in it's new eco-format. Printed on no less than 100 per cent recycled paper. Three cheers.
First penned by the Dr himself in 1971, The Lorax is the perfect way to educate kids on how our planet is suffering at the hands of greed and gives them hope that each and every person can make things better if they just care. It encourages little souls to stop the cycle and give the Earth a big dose of love so that they may become the ones who restore ecological balance. Such a heavy message delivered of course with big spoonfuls of the Dr's silliness and playful rhymes.
The core may be serious (an attack on capitalism even) but this book is a huge hit of fun. It's always been one of my favourite Dr Seuss stories to read aloud. Never fear, there's no real tongue twisters. There are bucket-loads of imaginative words (Grickle-grass: can't you just feel it's prickles on the souls of your feet? and of course one could do nothing else but lurk in a Lerkim), rich adjectives (sawdusty sneeze, cruffulous croak) and rhythmic rhymes that will have you pulling off silly voices you never knew existed.
So listen closely,
put that Whisper-ma-Phone to your ear and you will hear.
Slip on your gruvvulous gloves and get out that door to your nearest book store.
The Lorax eco-edition is coming April 1.
Miss it and you will be denying your little people some serious fun!
(I hope the Dr is not turning in his grave).
For more Dr Seuss fun head here.


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