Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hug a tree :: it's Earth Day

Give the planet a little extra lovin' today and be at one with nature on world Earth Day! You know most things we can do that are good for this big ol' host of ours actually benefit us big time too.
Solar hot water = less bills
Organic backyard vegie garden = healthy food at your fingertips for next to nix
Planting more trees = more clean air to breath
Switch to green cleaning = eliminating nasty chemicals from around our families
Repurposing = endless family craft fun and saving money (why buy it when you can make it?)
Catch the bus = reading a book while someone else does the driving
What are you doing or thinking about that can ease the environmental impact we are having on Earth?


Anonymous said...

Very informative. Can't wait to try the recipes.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute pic! It's inspiring to see littlies loving nature like this! Awwwww

Anonymous said...

It's important for us to remember to focus on our fragile world. Take advantage of the government rebates on green power people.

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