Thursday, April 23, 2009

Park life

Last weekend my hubbie went in a cycling event that started in the NSW central-tablelands town of Blayney. It's a small town of a tad over 3000 residents so there's not really a whole lot going down there. What they do have though is a totally kick-arse children's adventure playground.
When you have kids you spend a lot of time in parks and a lot of them are pretty ho-hum, you know two swings, 10 kids trying to get on all at once.
But here, in the little township of Blayney is a park big enough for all the resident's kids and plenty of passing through hanger-oners like us.
There's a kiddy bike path, HUGE sandpit with shadecover and built-in diggers, ponds, lovely nature areas for picnicing, bridges, giant chess game, a train, quite a few spinny thingamegigs, lots of swings (including a special needs swing), an awesome flying fox (even Mama gave this one a red hot go), a sizeable climbing structure and the piece de resistance for our kids — a human mouse wheel.
For the rest of the day they kept giggling to each other about how they still felt like they were going round and round in the mouse house.
Needless to say the question of the week around here has been "When can we go back to THAT park?"


Anonymous said...

WOW! that park looks like so much fun!!! Why are so many parks so uninspiring?

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