Sunday, April 5, 2009

I spy with my little eye :: 5 things

1 :: A new look for my little blog.
Hope you like it.
How lucky am I to know the lovely Judie?
She made the gorgeous new banner.
If you ever need an amazing graphic designer, she's your girl.
2 :: An Easter project that looks super-fun for the kids.

Finger puppets by Colleen at Craftpad. I've bought the materials and I'm going to pre-cut everything and give it to the littles on Good Friday so that we can make them together and play with them over the Easter weekend. I think they'll make the car trip to my parents' go super-quick.
3 :: A great online gardening magazine. Right here. I love how they give you a quick guide for each month. This is what we should be doing in April. And I especially love their seasonal planting guide. Simply pick your climate and you will find a comprehensive list of flowers and vegetables.
4 :: Ponchos. They were my favourite thing to wear as a child and I'm building a little collection for our daughter.
This one from little poppy tree could be next.
5 :: Something special for my new little nephew.

His first pair of loafers, maybe? Too cute, huh? They're from simplyjchrochet's etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad the poncho is back. I'm with you-wish my mum had kept mine. My favourite was a hooded purple one.

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