Friday, April 3, 2009

WIN! A snuggly surprise

I love polka dots.
I love pom poms.

Together they are so right.
Just look at this:

I also really love being warm and toasty under the covers on a chilly night.
So how super is it that Annabel Trends have released these hot water bottles with oh-so-cute covers just in time for the big chill?

My mum used to give us a hot water bottle to take to bed in winter when we were kids and we all had our different ways of utilising its snugness. My sister would put hers in the middle of the bed while she did her teeth and then hop in tummy-down and cuddle hers. My brother would stuff his down the back of his pants and jump in bed. And I would tuck mine right down the bottom and rest my feet on it.
How do you do the hot water bottle?

And if pom poms are having a moment in your house (they are always having a moment in this house) there’s matching throws to go with your hot bot.

Couch snuggling is totally sorted (and very much anticipated) this winter.
The lovely peeps at Annabel Trends are feeling so warm and cosy they want to give 7 lucky {mum space} readers a hot water bottle each.
All you have to do to be in the running is email your name, address and colour choice (pink, blue, navy or red) to contact[dot]mumspace[at]gmail[dot]com. Winners will be drawn randomly next Friday April 10. That will definitely make it a Good Friday!

For more loveliness from Annabel Trends go here and for stockists phone (07) 5593 4755.


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