Thursday, April 16, 2009

If money were no object...

Amongst other things like trying to end world hunger and human suffering, I would live in an eco-castle in the south of France and shop for my kids here.
The toys would please the littles (and the mama) in this house to no end.
And the clothes. Oh the clothes. They are to-die-for, so hold onto your hat. And you might want to hold onto your credit card even tighter because yes, they ship worldwide.
The style inspiration is dream-like and they stock a massive range of the coolest kids' labels on the planet. The likes of Little Marc Jacobs, ACNE Miniature, Hucklebones, Ralph Lauren, Quincy, Finger In The Nose and Max & Lola are all there to tempt you into an online spending frenzy. I am capital-L loving and seriously picturing our son dressed head to toe in one of their new labels, Loft Design By. The look is laid-back preppy and the fabrics are all eco (bamboo, organic cotton, cashmere and hemp). I think I need to cut my VISA up NOW! Somebody stop me, PLEASE!


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