Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tried & tested :: Little Innoscents

How exciting. Our very first mum-reviews are in.

Three mums trialed the organic Little Innoscents Hair & Body Wash and Nappy Rash Cream on their babes for two weeks. Here's the verdict:
Kathryn & Olivia
My four-month-old daughter Olivia has inherited her mum's dry skin and while the trusty old sorbolene has been doing the trick I have been looking for something gentler and with a nicer smell. Enter Little Innoscents.
The Hair & Body Wash is non-drying and makes her skin look and feel as it should, soft and clean. It's got a healthy dose of spearmint too which makes her smell so fresh.
Although Olivia has been spared the nappy rash I used the Nappy Rash Cream mainly because it smelt so nice. When I pick her up from her cot she smells like a little sprig of lavender. Just divine.
I'm hooked and we're going to try out the Massage Lotion next.

Kerry & Lily
I thought the spearmint scent of the Little Innoscents Hair & Body Wash was lovely; it gave a lasting smell to Lily's hair. The liquid gave a good lather for washing but didn't dry the skin, rather leaving it lovely and smooth. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and will buy it again.
I have to say I was a little put off by the strong smell of the Nappy Rash Cream. The texture was good though, it left a thick film to protect the skin and it did soothe Lily's bottom which has been a bit red due to teething.
Barb & Oliver
I hadn't used organic skin-care products for my baby before but will find it difficult to use anything else now. The Hair & Body Wash had such a beautiful scent of spearmint, lavender and orange and a lovely creamy texture that didn't dry Ollie's skin at all.
When I first used the Nappy Rash Cream I was a bit skeptical of its effectiveness as a barrier cream as it isn't as thick as the cream I had been using. However, it was nice not to be left with a thick residue of cream on my fingers after a nappy change and the smell was nicer. I was happy to find no nappy rash after he had slept all night without a nappy change. I will definitely continue to use this cream.

A huge thanks to these lovely ladies for their time and reviews.
Little Innoscents products impress me with their commitment to using 100 per cent naturally derived ingredients and it sounds like they do an excellent practical job too. There's also no huge price hike for the "luxury" of giving your baby organic. Just the way it should be. The Hair & Body Wash is $12.99 and the Nappy Rash Cream is $10.99. You can buy direct from Little Innoscents' online store.

And guess what? You can be part of our mum reviewing panel too. All you have to do is email your name, address and the ages of your children to contact[dot]mumspace[at]gmail[dot]com.

But wait, there's more. No, it's not a set a of steak knives, it's a giveaway from Little Innoscents. Yay! Check back tomorrow for details.


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