Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fodder for the water cooler...

When you were pregnant did you find out the sex of your baby?
Or are you pregnant and deciding whether or not to find out?
We found out. I'm actually the CEO of Control-Freaks-R-Us so a surprise didn't even cross my mind. Although, I also sit on the board of Doubters and Sceptics so I was totally convinced the doctor didn't know his pee-pee from his hoo-ha and that I was having a boy second time round. I even subscribed to a few issues of Old-Wives-Tales magazine and dangled my wedding ring from a piece of cotton over my pregnant belly to see which way it swung.
On the flip side I know people who are totally against finding out the sex of their baby. Some feel they need a surprise after giving birth, some say they've made it to 20 weeks without knowing so why bother now and I have other friends who think it's bad luck to find out (they must have read a different issue of Old-Wives-Tales to me).
Then there's a third group. The ones whose babes refuse to flash for the ultrasound. A friend who desperately wanted to know was almost ready to purchase her own ultrasound machine until she realised she would have to sell her house and wouldn't be able to afford to feed or clothe her mystery child. She once remarked that if a pee test could tell you you were pregnant why couldn't it tell you if you were having pink or blue?
And guess what? Apparently it really is that easy. IntelliGender is an at-home urine based test kit that can reveal the sex of your baby as early as eight weeks into pregnancy. Hmmmm, I wonder if any I-don't-want-to-knowers will be swayed? It works by measuring a combination of hormones including the hcg hormone and the difference in those hormones when you are pregnant with a girl. Lab tests have shown it to be 90 per cent accurate. It's available from chemists and will set you back $95.
Would you try it?


Anonymous said...

No! Apart from the hefty price tag, I would be doubting the results for the rest of my 32 weeks anyway!!

Anonymous said...

I would probably give it a try but then I would also want to confirm at ultrasound time so I guess it would be a waste of money. If it cost the same as a pregnancy test I would definitely do it. I googled the name and in America some people are putting you tube videos up on this!!! There's been mixed results some got it right and others wrong.

Carmel said...

I agree that the price is a bit high and I didn't want to know with my kids-I agree that you need a surprise after the hard work is done ;)

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