Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mum style

It's easy to loose your way with your "look" once the littles come along. There's no denying trackies are very comfy...
Most of my style effort goes into choosing clothing for the kids. They look cute in just about anything and tiny fashion is so good these days so it's a no-brainer.
But then I find myself left with the same old tired jeans. Okay not the ones I wore before I had kids — they are never getting over these altered hips again.
Lately though my style spark has been reignited by a few brands which really seem to cater to the mum-comfort I need. I'm talking quality wash and wear fabrics, items I can easily mix and match and dresses that don't cling in the wrong places or require a pair of heels to look good.
One of my latest discoveries is Lounge Apparel. Nice, huh?


leah1517 said...

I clicked on the link but there doesn't seem to be anything else on the site besides a 'contact us' link???

mum space said...

Leah - their stockists number is 03 94284566. They are mainly stocked in boutiques. Here's a few :: NSW - Plum Interiors, Potts Pt. Vic - Carlton Catwalk, Carlton and Hues Gallery, Hawksburn. SA - Impulse Boutique, North Adelaide, Norwood and Burnside. QLD - 27 on Teddar, Main Beach.
Sandra x

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