Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hungry for more...

Give me a family that doesn't love Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar... (you can't find one, can you?)
But if I asked you to find a family who don't do licensed merchandise you'd come up trumps within seconds.
For the most part we are one. I did relent and let our daughter purchase some My Little Pony socks a few weeks back. Damn those ponies.
And you know what, I think I could be sucker punched again with all the Hungry Caterpillar goodies floating around the interweb and cuteing up shops to celebrate the books 40th anniversary.

Have a look and no doubt you'll be feeling the pull too (I warn you, it's strong):

The board game was just the beginning...

bath mitt puppet :: cookie jar :: apron

t-shirt :: pencil case :: drink bottle holder

cushioned lap tray :: tote bag :: lunch boxes

money box :: snack plate & cup :: baking set

and even a diaper cake... (ummm, maybe not)

And that is not even the half of it!
How do you feel about licensed merchandise? Love it or loathe it?


PlanningQueen said...

I resist licensed merchandise where possible. Socks, jocks and pjs at a push. How cute is the Hungry Caterpillar stuff though??

Anonymous said...

I love the Very Hungry Caterpillar. I know where you're coing from though, it gets a bit much, I keep the licensed merchandise to home-wear only pj's singlets, undies etc.

Anonymous said...

I think because it's a lovely book this makes it O.K. It's the voilent carttoon stuff that I don't like (Ben 10!!!)

Tania said...

Oh - I loathe the merchandise thing. That's not to say that we don't have some (and we do have a Very Hungry Caterpillar game, but boy is it stopping there). I think when I start to feel manipulated, I start clearing out the toy box and donating to charity shops. And hurrah for Steiner (no logos, etc) schools!

PS. I have had a reality check and realise my kids will have very strong and probably very different opinions in, oh, about two minutes!

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