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Super Mum :: Amie from Merino Kids

One of the best baby products I ever invested in was a sleep bag. Mum of three, Amie Nilsson invested her life into making the world's first merino fine wool bags for bubs. They are super soft, super safe and make babies super sleepy. Amie, you definitely deserve to be slipping on a super hero cape.
What sparked the birth of your merino sleep bags?
Merino Kids began in 2003 following a very harrowing time of sleepless nights with my baby daughter Lilybelle. I found synthetic fabrics were causing a heat rash and making her very uncomfortable, restless and upset. As I was unable to find any suitable alternatives in the market I decided to research the use of natural fibres for babies and young children. Through the knowledge I gained of merino fine wool as a unique, breathable fibre, I designed the Go Go Bag™, the world’s first merino baby sleeping bag and hey presto Merino Kids was born.
What are the benefits of merino as a fabric?
The main benefit of merino is its incomparable ability to maintain a comfortable micro-climate between body and bedding. Merino naturally breathes and controls moisture giving it a unique ability to respond to changes in temperature. This means young ones are kept warm when it is cold and cool if it gets hot. Fine spun merino is like fine silk, making it one of the most comfortable of fabrics on your skin (it's perfect for those with skin irritations or eczema).
Medical studies have proven that merino improves the sleep patterns of babies? How does this work?
At Cambridge Maternity Hospital, UK, studies of infants sleeping in merino found they settled more quickly, cried less, fed better, and gained weight faster. The same studies found that low birth weight babies gained an extra 10 grams a day, compared to those that were not sleeping on merino. Since overheating has been identified as a key factor in many cases of SIDS there is a strong case for using merino because of its ability to regulate heat and humidity.
Can you let new parents know the benefits of using a sleep bag?
The Go Go Bag™ is practical, durable, compact and machine washable. It allows babies freedom of movement, without the possibility of kicking blankets off in the middle of the night. Our Go Go Bags also have a unique vent function which allows for easy transport of baby from bed into a pram or car seat (or vice versa) without being disturbed.
It might have all started with a sleep bag but now you have a whole range of mum and bub products. Tell us about some of your new products. We have just launched a new product, the Cocooi Newborn Gown, which features a unique envelope opening for ease of use which is in line for this year’s International Forum Award. We have also designed a beautiful range of sleepwear, essentials and playwear which we are very excited about. To complement our merino we have recently launched an organic cotton bag and clothing range.
As our customers' and our own children have grown our product ranges have moved up into new sizes — we now cater for newborns, infants and toddlers up to four years old.
Exactly how does organic cotton differ to non-organic cotton?
It's not only a more environmentally friendly way of producing garments but also provides a healthier product for young children. We use an independently certified organic cotton that is free of harmful chemicals throughout the manufacturing cycle. This includes using an oxygen whitening process, rather than the conventional bleach used to whiten most cotton products.
Which products have been your own family favourites?
The children have given all our products a very good work out but the original Go Go Bag™ is still our favourite. Scarlett (two) loves her Merino Kids tunic and would wear it night and day at the moment if she could.
What are the most important factors in children’s clothing for you?
Safety first, functional design, comfort and innovation.
What are your future plans for Merino Kids?
We want to continue creating and developing some of the world’s best natural baby products and be
recognised as the world leader in the use of Merino as the natural wonder fibre for young children. This year we have a large focus on ensuring sustainable development and have been getting involved more at a local community level.
To purchase and check out all things Merino Kids head here. As we head into winter the Mix and Match Merino Playwear is my pick as the perfect way to keep active littles snug and stylish. Layer them up and head on out to collect paper bags full of Autumn leaves.


Anonymous said...

I have used one of their bags on my baby and they are just amazing. They feel so comfortable and wash really well. After a year mine still looked new!

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