Monday, June 8, 2009

Feeding the family

I like to think I serve up a variety of pretty okay chow to our kids. But every now and then I catch the kids rolling their eyes in a "not this again" fashion and realise I'm stuck in a same old pattern. That's where books like this are great. They give you that nudge and inspiration to freshen up the recipe routine with some kid-friendly fare.
I first met Annabel Karmel through her Baby and Toddler Cookbook which was a gift after our son was born back in 2003. I found the simple tips, ideas and recipes great for a new mum with zip experience in making food for a little one.
Our kids will now eat most grown-up meals but it's still fun for them (and us) to have kiddy meals every now and then and the funny face pizza is always a good way to introduce new foods (our daughter garnered a taste for olives at an early age this way). What I like best about Annabel Karmel though is the lunch ideas. This is the area in which I get most stale (pardon the pun) and because I'm usually stuffing the lunchbox like a robot early in the morning a resource on hand with step-by-steps to something other than an egg and lettuce sandwich is a friend of mine indeed.


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