Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sorry about disappearing like that. We've had a bit of puking around our place so I've been stuffing sheets in the machine and passing the bucket and such fun tasks. Who'd have kids, huh?
Anyway, so while I've been up half the night monitoring my little chuckers I've been indulging in a little late night TV to soothe my tired, vagued out brain. Here's two products I've discovered (that I would probably have been better off not knowing about). Although I do have to thank them for making me laugh as I was cleaning chunks from kids' pyjamas:
:: the snuggie wearable blanket (one would think once you put sleeves on something it ceases to become a blanket but apparently not)

:: the ped egg (sheesh, if the kids weren't sick already all I would have to do is show them this commercial...)


carly_grace said...

rofl. my boyfriend has posted on facebook the WTF blanket hehe. oh and i bought a cheap $5 version of the ped egg for my mum lol she wanted one haha.

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