Sunday, June 21, 2009

I spy with my little eye :: link love

Here's some of what I've been reading on the never-ending interweb this week:
7 Secrets to Raising a Happy Child on Zen Habits from guest blogger Writer Dad's Sean Platt. They are not so much undiscovered "secrets" but more simple tips and reminders to bring out the happy in your little person (and you) through quality interaction. Through this article I also discovered Sean's new Children Write the Future initiative. Story writing activities to do with your children. What a great idea. I can feel a new family ritual coming on...

Kind Over Matter is like a rolling inspiration board for me. Just look at this one they posted from Kitty Sanchez's flickr files and try not to tear up just a lil:

I liked the reassurance and justification to not go back to "the office" just yet from The Wisdom Journal via their Can You Survive As A One Income Family post.

I love and am totally feeling the sentiment of Simple Mom's post on "using the good stuff". A nice little nudge to live life to the full every day and celebrate even the small stuff.

These crayon wallets from Valerie at Frugal Family Fun Blog look easy enough even for the sewing-machine-challenged likes of me. Great take-alongs and a super gift idea. Thanks for a fantastic tutorial Valerie.

Rebecca over at Babyccino gives us an easy recipe for natural hair gel for the littles — a simple gelatin and water mix. Cute hair-dos sans chemicals, nice one.

Nicole over at Planning With Kids found this great idea over at Harmzie's Way's blog. You sit down with your kids and get them to answer questions about you (it's very funny and very revealing). What a great way to find out how your children perceive you. And you know you will get the absolute truth because no one can tell it as straight as kids, right?

Someone (sorry I don't remember who), somewhere (that's right, I don't remember where either) mentioned something about mandalas (maybe this was one of those faintly remembered dreams you have just as you are dozing off). And you know what, they make for crazy fun for hours for littles and biggies alike. We cannot stop. Go here for free printables and colour yourself into a blissful meditative state. Ommmmm.

So what have you been reading on the blogs? Got any great links to share?


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I wanted to thank you for the link -- what a nice surprise! And tell you 1. the byline for your blog is fabulous! 2. a big thank you for posting the link to Kind Over Matter... wow. and 3. I am soooo asking Emily those questions from Harmzie's Way's blog. Too funny! :-)

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