Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blog this :: 15 facts

Finally I'm getting with the program and joining the Blog This weekly challenge. Join in if you like. This week's challenge is to post 15 bits of trivia about oneself:
:: I have an odd number phobia. No volume setting escapes my even number adjusting fingers. Oddly enough (couldn't resist the pun fun) we live at number 11! Of course I justified it by the number being made up of two ones and one plus one does equal two. Yes I am struggling to accept that this list is 15 (notice I am not numbering my responses).
:: I ate a dodgy steak sandwich over four years ago and can't even look at a picture of one to this day (I even tore one out of a cooking mag and binned it). Serves me right I guess considering I am a former vego.
:: I can crack an egg with one hand and can't remember a yolk ever breaking (I suspect I have selective memory on this one).
:: I have double jointed fingers and toes which comes in useful for absolutely nothing.
:: I am spider psychic. I dream or have a premonition before seeing a big spidey every time. My husband only began to believe when I told him there was a funnel web in one of our cupboards (before opening the cupboard of course) when we were packing up to move house (and sure enough it was in there).
:: I can perform ace hospital corners on beds thanks to my OCD/Nurse mum.
:: I have zero driving stamina and am at serious micro-sleep risk after a mere 45 minutes.
:: I swallowed my mum's engagement ring when I was three and it hasn't been seen since.
:: I have a really loud nose blow. Seriously. Like a trumpet. It earns me big stares from strangers. Not ladylike I know but I just can't do it any other way. Our son has inherited it. Who knew you could pass on something like that to your children?
:: I can read an entire book upside down (the book, not me), I did it in high school a few times. Good times. Or way too much time on my hands.
:: I cannot tell which way North, East, South or West are in any given place or at any given time. As for reading a map, don't ask. Lucky my husband works in mapping.
:: I am the eldest in my family and the shortest (by a long way). Hmmm, we all know who drew the short straw in my family...
:: I used to jog across the Harbour Bridge to work every morning. Nowadays I don't think I could walk it. Lucky we moved to the country...
:: I sucked my thumb into my teen years. Both our kids suck their thumbs. The road to quitting will be a long one, I know.
:: I am currently addicted to Chic Nuts (roasted chickpeas; get into them).


Leila said...

Great list. I can relate to the first one!

And I love roasted chickpeas! So yummy!!

B a r t a b a c said...

I love your blog...I ivite you to my blog, maybe you would like to be my follower

Ems said...

That is sooo funny about your map reading, it must be hereditary as your cousin too cannot read maps, but the scary thing about this as she too use to be into mapping....

Rosey said...

Very funny! I could sure use your spider psychic gift seeing as I turn into some kind of crazed lunatic when I see one... in my head I know I am running around looking for a shoe or spray but to observers I apparently look insane?

veronica said...

that is totes weird about you still having an engagement ring stuck somewhere in your guts! your street value just went up a couple of carats!

Bethwyn said...

I can't do the North, South etc thing either. Was asked today which way our house faced and I had no idea. Could only give a general "ah, the sun sets over there somewhere" answer.

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