Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I spy with my little eye :: link love

Need some surfing inspiration? Check these winners out:
:: Mandi over at Organizing Your Way shares a great idea she's been getting into: ready-to-go craft boxes.
Perfect for the school holidays and indoor weather that is upon us Down Under mums.

:: I *love* this idea and have been having lots of fun with it with our preschooler: bring me the alphabet from Today is Fun. You simply get your little to go on a treasure hunt and find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet. So simple. So fun.

:: I must admit I am a massive wannabe Buddhist. I love the "just be" notion. It's hard though, isn't it? And how about living like it's your last day? Eeek. Death freaks me out. Getting old freaks me out. The rapid rate at which time passes freaks me out. I'm having palpitations thinking about it. So this post from Project Happily Ever After was a good reminder to find acceptance and live and love each day to the fullest.

:: Just look at these journals Amy from Let's Explore made for her daughters. Beautiful.

:: Kids Style File profiled a piece from the latest Mixtape Zine on Jessica from Green Mamma. Awesome tips for green living. And thanks for introducing me to Jessica's blog. Click it. It's amazing.

:: I am hanging for the school hols next week. Planning With Kids has 10 fun home-based activities to try with the littles.

:: This week I've discovered tea & jam photography. Kate and Nathan photograph littles and their families and their work is so stunning. Look:
Told you so. They live and work around the Ballarat area so if you are that way and need some gorgeous photos, who you gonna call?

:: Simple Kids listed this oldie but goodie on keeping a simple home with kids from Zen Habits. If you are drowning in kid clutter check it out.

:: Cathie created these too-cute giraffe cupcakes and shared the recipe on her blog. She's so lovely like that.

:: And to fight off any winter lurgies and build up your littles (and your own for that matter) immunity Liss has listed some super foods and pantry remedies over at Frills in the Hills.


carly_grace said...

ohh thats a great idea love it!

oh your the only one so far that has commented on my giveaway so if no one else enters its yours! and you can choose 10 of those resources/games xx

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