Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Shop it like it's...

the end of the financial year!
Oh yes, sale time has arrived. Woo-hoo!
Now I'm not normally one to take advantage of a person when they are down but the retail sector has had a bit of a slumpy time of it lately and they need to clear stock and give their figures a bump to end the year. So really I'm helping them out by snapping up their bargains, right?
Everywhere I look there's red %OFF signs screaming my name but one sale I am hanging out for is the one that will kick off at 159 Clovelly Road this Friday:
Oh how I wish I could just climb into my laptop and walk through those doors right now. When we lived in Sydney this was my absolute favourite place to shop. The best one-stop baby/kids shop I've seen. All the cool labels hang there; Paper Wings, Rittenhouse, Sweetpea Home, Cried Wolf, Finger In The Nose, et al.
Now being a good three and a half hour drive from the big smoke I would be crazy to jump in my car and burn rubber and petrol just for a sale. Wouldn't I? Well lucky for me I don't have to make that decision because Kido online will be getting the mark-down treatment too. Phew!


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