Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm in trifle trouble

Gulp. Over 60 designers at one online destination.
Trifle has launched ladies. Get there.
It's soooo good. And unlike the edible stuff no calories. Although I probably won't be able to afford any food once I'm done.
I'm eyeing off:
:: Little Lotti's Josie Ruffle Pants

:: Lovestamp's jewellery

:: Maggie and Sparrow's patchwork quilts

:: The Pet Pocket Pinafore's by Free Range Baby

:: Flirty Bird's Bambi Headband

:: Mee a Bee's Forest Friends Little Kid Satchel

:: Absolutely everything from Let Them Eat Cake

Somebody. stop. me.


Veronica said...

crap. thanks for forcing me to buy that lovestamp baby bracelet. i won't sleep til i do y'know.

mum.toddler.babe said...

I've just discovered this site too...dangerous! I love Maggie and Sparrow.

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