Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh the things you discover via Twitter

Training chopsticks for kids.
I could use a set of these!
Check them here.


Jerry said...

thanks for the write up Sandra!

Lovingmums said...

We just bought 2 pairs of these for our kids! Every time we eat Asian food, they want to use chopsticks so these will be perfect... they even come in right and left handed!

mum space said...

The left-handed feature has sold me Andrea! Our son is a lefty. I'm off to order some. Sandra x

Lovingmums said...

My son is left handed too! Our chopsticks have arrived and the kids LOVE them! Even my 2 and a half year old daughter can use them. I'll post some photos on my blog soon :)

Chopsticks said...

Glad your kids like them, Sandra! Thanks for the blogging pics aswell :)


Chopsticks said...

.. and Andrea too :)

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