Monday, August 3, 2009

Sharing the love

Or maybe for me and the Internet that should be where is the love?
Our deep love affair is a bit cool at the mo (it's not you, it's me). Maybe I've just hit overdose level and need to dry out a bit. Or it could be that every time I get on the 'puter I find a zillion new ideas to add to my to-do list and so am busy trying to get some projects started. Either way the twitching in my left eye has subsided so I was probably right to cut down on my obsessive Interneting. Enough about my sickness though.
Natasha from Piper+Lily is such a nice girl. And she's clever. She makes adorable baby booties — look. And she's given me my first bloggy love thingamajig.
Thank you Natasha.
Now I have to list seven things about me: (Argh, my odd-number phobia is giving me palpitations over this one.)
:: I am only a smidgen over five foot but my brother and sister are both sky-scrapers and younger than me. When we were kids my bro used to tell me that if I didn't hurry up and grow I would have to fill in the necessary paperwork to be declared a dwarf.
:: If I scratch my middle rib my funny bone goes c-c-crazy. Or does that happen to everyone?
:: I am a secret hypochondriac (not anymore). I'm always thinking I have a tumor or some other life-threatening condition. That eye twitch — I was so sure I was going to have a stroke or go blind (or both!).
:: I seriously considered becoming a nun in high school. As you do.
:: I used to like to twirl the dangly ends of my chenille bedspread in my ears and up my nostrils when I was a kid. I even had a name for it: "triddling a treeny bit". That really falls into the too much information basket, doesn't it?
:: I simply cannot stand the toilet paper rolling off from under. I'm an over. And if I come to your house I will change it around. Sorry. I can't stop myself.
:: I can't do that tongue rolling/curling thingo for the life of me and I can only wink on my right eye.
And now I have to pass this bloggy love on to seven other bloggers. I don't think there are criteria to be met. It's simply blogs I love and the pleasure is all mine. But I would also like to add to the rules if I may. May I? I don't even know who to ask so I'll just take the liberty here. If this doesn't fit with the style of your blog or you simply don't care for it don't feel you have to post about it. You choose. Really. No one will be offended.
:: Faith Hope & a Whole Lotta Love — Sarah posted a scone recipe on the weekend, get there.
:: Little Pinwheel — Hayley also has a cute-as online store of the same name, just try and stop yourself.
:: veronica loves archie — Veronica is so funny and so right and makes me want to jump on the Tumblr train ride.
:: We Heart Books — I heart Katie and Lou for sharing their book love; they also have a lovely book store (of the same name).
:: Planning With Kids — Nicole posts some of the sanest mum-advice and had me at Roast Vegetable Lasagne.
:: Childhood 101 — Christie is full of fantastic little people activities.
:: m.e — Cathie's baking is always inspirational and her photographs are drool-inducing.
If you want to play along you do this (remember, only if you want to):
:: Post the logo of this blog love token
:: Thank and link to the person who passed it on to you
:: List seven things about you
:: Pass the token on to seven other bloggers (and leave comments on their blogs to let them know they have been loved).
Phew. For someone who is on frosty terms with her "other lover" that was quite a lot of "us" time. I think I need a Bex and a little lie down.


veronica said...

Aww shucks! thanks Sandra! The love is mutual. All aboard the Tumblr train - I need someone to sit next to that showers and doesn't take up 3/4 of the seat with their leg spread. x

m.e (Cathie) said...

thanks so very much Sandra!!! I can definitely feel the ♥.
I think after having kids I secretly became a hypochondriac aswell ....."'s NOT a tumor"..."but are you sure??!!"
have a fantastic week :)

Little Pinwheel said...

Thank you Sandra! What a lovely award for you to give me and you deserve it yourself!

The blog love is right back at you xx

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