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Super Mums :: Shell and Cath from Cushie Tushies

We all know that the world would be a better place if it was run by mums alone. Shell and Cath from Cushie Tushies would definitely be on the board of directors.

{Shell and her little man with the tushie that started it all}
{Cath and her boys. If we could read minds I'm sure the boys are saying: my cushie tushie is so... cushie}
How did Cushie Tushies get started? Like all mums I wanted to provide the best for her new baby. After researching all the options available for my baby’s bottom I decided that Modern Cloth Nappies were ideal.
The birth of my first son in 2005 provided the inspiration for the very first Cushie Tushies nappy.
I wanted the benefits of cloth with the ease of disposables — I was looking for a one-sized all-in-one that was absorbent, easy to use, in fun, brightly coloured fabrics. There weren’t too many options within my limited budget that covered all the bases, so I created my own!
It was such a fun and effective product that word spread. Pretty soon, I was making nappies for friends and strangers alike and, with the help of our customers’ feedback, the Cushie Tushie developed into the popular All In One cloth nappy that it is today.
The Cushie Tushies team now includes two partners: founder Shell, as Design and Production Director and Catherine Langman as Marketing, Sales and Financial Director. We're both mothers striving to strike a balance between work and family — spending quality time at home with our children whilst nurturing and challenging their professional, creative and business interests.

Cloth nappies have come a long way in the last few years and you’ve been at the forefront of that change with your Cushie Tushies nappies. What exactly are modern cloth or all-in-one nappies?

Any new parent or expectant mother who has wandered into the baby and maternity section of Online Shopping has probably noticed the plethora of cloth nappies available. One glance at an item description, however, loaded with acronyms and strange terms, probably causes you to back away and not even try to begin deciphering their descriptions. I know this because not that long ago, I was one of these people!

In an effort to make buying nappies easier for all parents, here is a brief explanation of what modern cloth nappies are and what to look for. Cloth nappies can be roughly divided into two categories: ‘traditional’ flat cloth and ‘modern’ cloth. Flat cloth is the traditional terry squares, and also what are known as pre-fold nappies. They are the most basic form of nappy and are quite cheap. They require a good quality cover and usually have to be changed more regularly as they are not as absorbent as Modern Cloth nappies (or MCNs). MCNs, also known as pockets and All-in-one (AIO) nappies, are shaped like a disposable and don’t require folding like a flat nappy. As the name suggests, the waterproof cover, absorbent material and nappy inner are all in one unit. They fasten simply at the front, with touch tape or snaps, and are generally easy and convenient to use.
What are the advantages of cloth nappies over disposable?
When you first look at modern cloth, it may look more expensive than you expected. As with any purchase you make, you will always pay a premium for quality. When it comes to cloth nappies, the old-fashioned terry squares with plastic pilchers will always be the most cost effective option. However, if the greater work-load, more frequent nappy changes and problems with leaks aren’t for you, then modern cloth is the way to go.

A good quality modern cloth system is an excellent investment. By paying a little extra per nappy, you’ll get products that are more effective and absorbent, and durable enough to last the distance.

So let’s have a closer look at the figures and see how they compare to disposables. For the sake of this comparison, we have used a price-point of 50 cents per disposable. Obviously cheaper disposables are available, but generally need more frequent changing than we have estimated in our comparison.

Birth to Undies: 2.5 years, or 130 weeks, or 913 days
Disposable nappies:
7 nappies per day @ 50 cents per nappy = $3,195.50
Disposable wipes
: 1 packet per week @ $5.50 = $915.00
That's a TOTAL of: $4,110.50

Cushie Tushies Full Timer bulk pack will provide you with:
24 nappies, 2 wool covers, 4 bamboo fold-ups, 4 packs wipes = $884.00
That’s a total saving of $3226.50!!!

With two kids in nappies, these costs would double! And that doesn’t take into consideration extra expenses like disposable nappy sacks…

Mums are so busy these days, are modern cloth nappies going to add a whole lot more work to their already full day?

Modern cloth nappies don’t require bleaching, soaking, hot washing, ironing or any of those mundane and time consuming jobs that make traditional cloth nappies seem like a chore.
This makes caring for modern cloth nappies really easy. Once used, simply empty the contents of the soiled nappy into the toilet (or you can use a bio-degradable flushable liner for this if you don’t like the mess) and throw the nappy in a dry nappy bucket with a lid, or straight in the wash.
How often on average do you need to change your baby if you are using Cushie Tushies?
The Couture is our premium nappy, but with the price tag you do get some serious bang for your buck. Our customers love this nappy because it is super absorbent — it lasts anywhere between 6-12 hours. But mostly, our customers love the Couture because it is a true fashion item — the range of colours and prints is huge, so there is a style to suit all tastes!

The Basix is what we call our workhorse nappy. This nappy is excellent value at a reasonable price. It is absorbent, lasting 3-5 hours between changes, trim fitting, and so easy to use that Daddy and Granny can’t get it wrong! It comes in a range of beautiful colours and is available in discount bulk packs.
How many cloth nappies do you need and how long do they last?
Cushie Tushies receommends having at least 24 nappies for full time use. This is enough nappies for around 2½ days’ wear, allowing for washing every second day with a few to spare while the rest are drying.
We find that having less nappies, and therefore washing more frequently, means each nappy gets a much bigger work-out and deteriorates faster. By having a good sized stash, you are not washing every day and therefore the nappies will last well over a much longer period. Of course, if you prefer to wash less often, you would have a bigger stash!
And does one size really fit all? How does that work?
Cushie Tushies all-in-one (AIO) nappies are one-size-fits-all, or OSFA. This means that the nappy you purchase when your little one is born will see them right through to toilet training. There is no need to buy different sizes as your child grows — rather, as your baby grows, you simply adjust how far around the front of your baby's tummy you wrap the wings of the nappy and secure firmly with the snaps.
To fit our nappies on a newborn to approximately 5kg, you will need to shorten the rise at the front by folding the top down. This will also reduce the size of the leg holes, preventing leakage, and the nappy will still fasten at the front as normal. Cushie Tushies has tested our OSFA nappies on boys and girls, from newborn to toddler, with great success. We hope you find the same with your child!
Where can you get Cushie Tushies modern cloth nappies?

Online at our website, through our retail stores (also listed on the website) or through our consultants all across Australia.
You have some really cute designs in your range, which ones are your favourites?
Shell ::
Bumble Bee Couture and Orange Basix

Cath ::
Denim Couture and Black Basix


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