Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mum review :: BabyWedge

Mama to three, Christine, gave the babywedge a workout with baby Finn who has reflux and both mum and her little man are loving it.
"I've been using the babywedge for a couple of months now for my five-month-old and it's so useful.
After Finn was born he developed reflux so I had his cot on an angle which wasn't really that practical and didn't look great either but seemed to help the problem. Now we can just use the babywedge without having to worry about adjusting the cot all the time.
It's so easy to take in and out and very portable for taking to grandparents' places and on holidays to use in portacots.
I like the way it keeps the baby on the same angle every time and it feels familiar to him so it's become a comforter as well as helping with his reflux.
He especially loves it for tummy time when I place it in the living room. I think it feels more secure for him with the bars on the side and it is really comfortable and soft... no head banging on the hard floor when he gets a bit tired!
I would definitely recommend the babywedge to mums with babies who have reflux. It's such a versatile, handy addition to the nursery. I'll be giving it a go as a back pillow when I can get Finn off it for a second."
The babywedge was developed by Brisbane sisters Hayley Birtles-Eades and Sally Martin out of their own need for colic-relief for their babies. But it has many more uses: a pregnancy pillow, a breast-feeding support pillow, an aid for flathead, a tummy-time aid, a toddler rest station, a driving support pillow. It weighs only 500grams and has a machine-washable 100 per cent cotton cover (in an assortment of lovely colours). Check out the website for stockists and lots of tips on reflux and colic.
Thanks Christine for your review and thanks Hayley and Sally for making lots of mums and babies lives easier!


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