Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things that go *bump*

This is a guest post/review on the Thudguard Infant Protective Safety Helmet from cool mama and art director extraordinaire, Judie. Thanks for sharing Judie!
My youngest daughter thinks she's Evel Knievel. Look!

You will often find her scaling the dollhouse to reach the summit with a victorious two arms up in the air; leaping from the lounge to an arm chair; and doing wheelies and speeding backwards across the floor on her trike.
Coupled with a three-year-old big sister who occasionally forgets her sibling is a little unsteady on her feet (this walking thing is new, you know!) and you have a recipe for impending disaster.
Add to this a work-at-home papa who lets the girls loose on activities I deem way too dangerous (I know, skinned knees are a right of passage for toddlers but with her climbing ways rivaling Spider-Man I really was starting to worry about a serious knock to the head). So after one sickening thud too many on the floorboards we set about searching for some head protection for our little stunt girl. Thudguard was delivered to our doorstep within the week and Little Miss Knievel duly strapped in (after some encouragement from Papa and big sister who donned their own bike helmets in a show of solidarity).

Comfy enough for stunts? Well, she doesn't fuss with it once it's on, though she will come and request it be taken off after 30 minutes or so because her head gets hot — and the sweaty little mop of hair that emerged was a bit alarming at first (it doesn't have quite as much ventilation as a bike helmet). The helmet is constructed from a very lightweight neoprene covered foam and the manufacturers recommend it be used for short lengths of time under supervision. The chin strap could do with an extra bit of padding where it attaches — you do have to take care or your little one is likely to get chafed by the misalignment of velcro. It's very simple to get on and off; my 16-month-old doesn't yet have the strength to undo the strap and I trust that by the time she is capable she will have progressed to a proper helmet (yes, we have our eye on an Evel Knievel replica helmet!)
Thudguard is endorsed by neurosurgeons and at $45 I think it's a small price to pay for peace of mind during this stage of your baby's development. It certainly doesn't hurt that it looks super cute on and comes in lilac or powder blue!


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