Monday, May 11, 2009

I spy with my little eye :: a mixed bag of treats

:: Motherlode blogs about the "can we get a puppy, please?" conundrum (currently being presented for approval process in this house!) I'm totally undecided... anyone have any first pet for a five-year-old advice?

:: I love this water bottle sling maya*made whipped up from her new copy of Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials. Practical and pretty, my favourite combo.

:: Mamapedia is a question and answer resource for, yep, mothers. You simply pop your question in and relevant answers from other mums are listed. You can join up and share your wisdom too. Wonder if they can answer this one: where is our second telephone handset?

:: You must check out this play kitchen at ohdeedoh. This lucky little's dada made him a blinged up mini kitchen (there's even LED lights to make the stove top and oven "work"!) I need a lie down after that — it's almost too much (in the best way).

:: I'm looking for new recipes for my Winter menu plan (yes, it's coming people, brace yourselves). This Roast Vegetable Lasagne from Planning With Kids looks like a worthy addition! What are your favourite winter recipes for the family?

:: These chalkboard eggs by Lisa at The Red Thread look just divine.

:: I still don't have any slippers for the kids for the chilly season (bad mama). I just haven't seen anything I really like. But the floors are getting cold first thing in the morning so maybe I should give these handmade felt numbers from Notebook: magazine a go...

:: I've revealed my mum-love of Sussan before — maybe it's because of my limited shopping options in the country or could it be that they really are getting it right these days? Whatever it is I've added a pair of their jeans, a wool vest, a skivvy, tights and some pj's to my wardrobe so I'm in deep now.

:: In the too-cute-for-school camp are these Daisy Jane socks (say it with me, awwww) from Annabel Trends. Bless these little cotton socks.

:: And lastly, a Mother's Day inspired post at the creative mama (but relevant any time of year). Guest writer Freedom Martinez gives us her 10 things I have learned about surviving Motherhood so far...
6. MUST get out of your pajamas and shower. The world looks so much more conquerable when you are refreshed and ready to take it on… its amazing how much better everything seems after a quick shower.
So simple. So true.


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