Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet ride

Sit down.
Now check these out:
What was the first thing you thought/said?
Mine was: too. freakin. cute.
My husband's was: sweet ride
Our son's was: rmmm, rmmm (accompanied by a quick lap of the house on an imaginary bike complete with a mono at the end) I definitely need one!
Our daughter's was: ooooh, a pink one. Do you think they come with a baby seat? (I'm sure custom pimping of your ride is totally the done thing for these bikes)
The all important deets: You can order one here from Kiddimotto. There are six colours to choose from and two designs. They are $299, kinda exy I know but I can think of loads of justifications for the spend. Oh, here's one, free shipping to most states in Oz. Rmmm, rmmm, indeed!


MJ said...

wow these are way cool...not showing daughter!

Eco-Chic-Mummy said...

Mine was: Cuuuu-uuuute! I find wooden toys so adorable, but my only concession so far has been a tiny wooden car - stained pink - for Christmas & a custom hand-painted, locally-made, sustainably-logged push along trolley for my daughter's first birthday ($200)! These are tempting for her 2nd bday... a 2nd hand one perhaps to be eco-friendlier!

Anonymous said...

I thought pass the credit card. They are unreal.

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